Once upon a time there was The Bear Theatre who came to Staszic School and performed „The History of British literature”. The army of students gathered in the gym hall to enjoy their show. They had lots of fun and learnt many interesting trivia on British poems and novels. Starting in AD 1000 they took them on the journey through lives and works of great poets and writers. On their way they met Beowolf and fought with the terrible monster and even more terrible mother of his. They also found out what women desire most according to Geoffrey Chaucer, became kings just like Shakespeare’s Macbeth, fell in love with Heathcliff, Kathy and their story by Emily Bronte. Actors of the Bear Theatre encouraged students to read amazing English Literature and tested their knowledge on poets and writers. We enjoyed the journey through British literature very much and can’t wait to welcome the actors next year.
Ewa Białczyk 1 GA

On December 2, the Bear Theatre visited our school community. This time there were only two actors who played in the show entitled „The History of British literature”.
We were presented with a chronological history of poems and novels. The first poem was from Anglo-Saxon times. Beowulf is the story of a strong and mighty knight that defeated the great magical beast called Grendel which was harassing King Hrodgar’s soldiers. The next text was by Geoffrey Chaucer and was about the knight trying to find an answer to the Queen’ question “What is it that women most desire?” Then came the writer beloved by many – William Shakespeare. We saw a shortened version of “Macbeth” and were taught how to pronounce the name Romeo. The final part was “Wuthering Heights” – the love between the gypsy boy and a noble woman.
The Bear Theatre performance encouraged me to read and explore English literature. I enjoyed the show a lot and would recommend it to anybody who wants to learn more about English literature.
Michał Muszyński 1 GA


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