NewsyMożliwość komentowania ZWYCIĘSKIE PRACE SZKOLNEGO KONKURSU DRUŻYNOWEGO NA KREATYWNĄ WYPOWIEDŹ W JĘZYKU ANGIELSKIM p.t.: „The Adventures of LingwiStaś” została wyłączona

Gratulujemy serdecznie trzem staszicowskim Drużynom, które – niepodważalną decyzją jurorów – okrzyknięte zostały zwycięzcami ex aequo.

A wybór był naprawdę trudny, gdyż w trakcie Festiwalu Języków Obcych powstało ponad dwadzieścia kreatywnych opowiadań.

Zwycięskie prace publikujemy poniżej. Miłej lektury!

Wszystkim Uczestnikom dziękujemy za wspólną „lingwistasiową przygodę” i już teraz zapraszamy na kolejną edycję twórczych zmagań w języku angielskim za rok!

Let me tell you a story that you haven’t heard of yet…

Lingwistaś was a rat living with his colony in London’s sewers. One day the sewers had been flooded and his whole property was gone. It forced him to leave the area for the first time ever.
When he saw the sky he was totally petrified because he had never seen it before. He tried to find some food in the dumpsters but it didn’t pay off. He went through an alley to continue his searching, when suddenly a wild cat appeared. It slowly began approaching him and he didn’t realize it was dangerous for him. Suddenly, something caught him and dragged him into a dark hole. When he opened his eyes he saw three hooded characters who started to mumble something. “Please don’t hurt me,“ Lingwistaś shouted, “I don’t understand, please set me free“.

The characters made him unconscious and dragged him somewhere again. When Lingwistaś woke up he was tied up in front of some cockroaches. Lingwistaś couldn‘t understand what they were saying but he guessed that they were planning what they were going to do with him. After some time the cockroaches went to have a feast and then Lingwistaś somehow managed to untie himself and escape.

Then he was left alone again on the streets of London and he recognised one building from the leaflets that were going down the sewers when he still lived there – Big Ben. A few yards behind the landmark Lingwistaś found a place where his colony could still live and survive. If Lingwistaś had known how to communicate with the cockroaches they could have made a deal and that is why it‘s incredibly important to study foreign languages these days!!!

Adam Dubiel 1a Robert Rostkowski 1a Michał Szmalec 1d

Let me tell you a story (FULL OF UNEXPECTED TWISTS IN THE PLOT) that you haven’t heard of yet.

Once upon a time the pirates attacked the holiday island called Malta. They kidnapped all the tourists from the beach. Nobody was left behind. One of them was the notorious LingwiStaś. The man who had killed a dragon with his bare hands. The pirates didn’t know who they were messing with. All the hostages were kept under the deck of the famous “Black Pearl”. The ship that was being spoken about in the legends. But nobody had ever seen it.
One night during the storm and torrential rain LingwiStaś managed to break free. His plan was to convince the rest of the hostages to revolt. Unfortunately, it turned out that none of the other prisoners could speak English at all. LingwiStaś was doing his best to comunicate with the others, but one of the Russians thought that our hero was going to hurt him with his black magic. Dimitri was shouting for help for quite a bit of time. Eventually, the pirates heard him and came downstairs. The captain noticed that Lingwistaś wasn’t tied up, and he knocked him down with his rifle.

Then LingwiStaś woke up on the Black Pearl in the centre of an amusement park, because of the staff shouting at him. It turned out that LingwiStaś had passed out. The staff working in the amusement park were shouting to him in Spanish to warn him about another ride, which couldn‘t be stopped, that was going to start in a few seconds . Our hero was unable to understand them and as a result, he started the second ride which left him feeling dizzy, disoriented, puzzled and completely lost.

And that is why it is incredibly important to study foreign languages these days!!!

Maksymilian Ziętek , Jakub Drzewiecki 2c

Let me tell you a story that you haven’t heard of yet.

Once upon a time, but actually not so long ago, there were three people: Helga, her boyfriend Hans and a sad, single, Chinese guy called Lingwistas.

Helga and Hans went on a trip to London because of their 1st anniversary. Lingwistaś got promoted and his boss sent him and his colleague to London for a business trip. They happened to be there at the same time.

One day the three characters went to see the London Eye. Just to remind you, Helga and Lingwistas hadn’t met before. Both Helga and Lingwistaś wanted to go on a ride, but Hans wasn’t bothered to go with his girlfriend. Hans was the type of a man who was a couch potato. He didn’t pay attention to his relationship with Helga. Helga entered one of London’s Eye cabin alone. When Lingwistas’s colleague saw a beautiful girl alone in a cabin, he decided to push Lingwistas inside the cabin with her, because Lingwistas was a sad single. There was awkward silence between our characters when the ride started. When they were nearly on the top, the machine stopped and the cabin started to swing. Helga lost her balance and fell into Lingwistas’s arms. While she was falling into his arms they looked each other deep in the eyes with a sparkling glance.

They both knew only basics in English, so they couldn’t hold their conversation for too long. Because of that they didn’t catch on with each other. After the ride they came back to their ordinary lives. Helga decided to change something in her life. She broke up with Hans and started learning English. Lingwistas was offered an English course in his company and he took it up. Whilst learning English they were always thinking of each other. Unfortunately, they have never met again. Both of them were always wondering: “What would have happened if we had known English back then?”

And that is why it is incredibly important to study foreign languages these days!!!

Agata Knapik, Maja Seweryn, Julia Doroniewicz, Gabrysia Wróblewska 1D

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