„London Learning Experience” (+ENG. VERSION)

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Mijający tydzień to dla klasy 2b, oraz pań profesorek Izabeli Bałtrukiewicz, Zuzanny Podlasko i Marii Steckiej, ogrom wrażeń: 4 dni w Londynie to nie byle co! Było intensywnie, intrygująco, inspirująco! Zamiast typowej relacji, obejrzyjcie zdjęcia Jakuba Stępnia i przeczytajcie poniższe wrażenia uczestników 🙂

Last week class 2b, accompanied by their professors, Ms Izabela Bałtrukiewicz, Ms Zuzanna Podlasko and Ms Maria Stecka, had an awesome time in London. The experience was intensive, intriguing and inspirational! Instead of a traditional report, take a glimpse at some photos (courtesy of Jakub Stępień) and participants’ reflections:

I think we had a great occasion to learn about a new culture, because our families were for example from Jamaica. It was brilliant to learn about their cuisine and life. Also, it was a great language lesson,because we were trying to communicate in a normal life situation-not only at school like always. For  me the most memorable thing was the visit to the London Dungeon. Actors  were talking there in a very special way, so we didn’t understand a lot. I think it was a  great experience to hear the English scenic language. I  was amazed by the amount of people everywhere.

In my opinion we had a good opportunity to meet new people and learn something new about different cultures. And the best part is that it was during normal life rather than at school. Unfortunately we hadn’t had a chance to meet native Englishmen or listen to the English accent but still it was a great experience.

Learning experience was not as good as I had expected; I thought we would be talking more with our family. The food was okay but I think that it was not enough for us sometimes. But it was nice to see differences between Polish culture and English culture; crossing a road everywhere, not caring about the red light while crossing a road, eating more chemical and instant food, driving and walking on the left side of the road. What impressed me was The London Dungeon, Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum and this magnificent lanes of London which I was impressed by.

The most memorable experience that I remember was in London Dungeon. We could learn the history of London in a fascinating way. We were also listening to the pronunciation of different words in a British accent. We really enjoyed this unique place and for sure it will stay in our memories for the rest of our lives.

I think I had a great occasion to experience a new culture and meet new people in the family I stayed with. I could listen to the English language and that was really good to hear. I also had the opportunity to speak in English and I was so proud of myself that I did it. What stunned me the most was that in London there were so many people that were always in a rush and that I could look at them and start to remember that feeling when I was anonymous. And the most funny thing was that it turned out that Big Ben isn’t as big as I had imagined.

This school trip taught me a lot, especially when it comes to my language experience. I’m really glad that I could talk a lot with native speakers and also hear English around me all the time. It definitely taught me a lesson about pronunciation and some grammar structures in practice. Other things that brightened my days here were tasty meals that were prepared by my host mum (she’s a fantastic person) and also amazing people around me that were constantly making fun which created an incredible atmosphere.

I think the most memorable part of our trip was visiting the London Dungeon, where I realized that the British accent sounds spectacular when they use it while telling stories, especially creepy stories.The actors played their roles excellently and they narrated scary legends about the history of London. I noticed that people in this city were always hotfooting.

I was positively surprised that talking with my host wasn’t as hard as I expected. The only trouble that I had was sometimes  I didn’t understand what they were saying in London dungeons because they were shouting or muttering often. The thing that I liked the most was London dungeons. For me it wasn’t that scary but it was really interesting and fun. Another exciting thing was looking at people on the streets because there were a lot of incredibly dressed ones.

I was hoping for more conversations with my host family to improve my speaking skills in the British accent. London Dungeons was a  place I highly recommend for people that like horror stories. Amazing acting skills of the staff and stunning scenery presents the triggering history of London in a very interesting way. I was also positively surprised by the Natural History Museum.

I had expected a better learning experience, I had thought that the British accent would be more audible. Our host mom talked to us in an understandable way and I’m not sure but also more slowly than on a daily basis. We also talked with our driver which was also understandable to me. The only problem which I had, considering our learning experience, was one situation when we were walking along the street. Suddenly one random man came to us and started shouting, of which we only understood „Russian”, „Ukrainian” and some curses. Also some messages on the train stations were sometimes indistinct but it is the same as in Polish stations.

I think this trip was a great opportunity to experience how one of the greatest cities in the world is organized. Tons of people from different cultures live in symbiosis in a crowd. The communication system that allows every citizen to commute in two hours to every part of town. The most amazing form of communication for me was the underground.
Maciek :
I really enjoyed walking the streets of London. I could learn how to move among the crowd of one of the biggest cities in Europe and get to know people’s attitude. And I am positively surprised! People were kind and helpful and I really enjoyed talking to them. We had an amazing opportunity to talk with our host mum for a while and I really appreciate it. Architecture and some monuments of a city made a huge impression on me. I like the way the streets in London are designed, generally. Public transport is also not usual, because of its efficiency. You can easily go everywhere you like!


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