Transformative Journey at Jagiellonian University: Expanding Knowledge, Language Skills, and Cultural Horizons

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I feel incredibly fortunate to have had the opportunity to attend physics lectures and activities at Jagiellonian University in Kraków throughout my high school year. These trips have not only enriched my academic pursuits but have also played a significant role in my personal growth. In this review, I would like to highlight the multitude of benefits I have gained from these experiences.

First and foremost, the knowledge I have acquired from these meetings is vast and invaluable. The instructors at Jagiellonian University are experts in their field, and their passion for physics is contagious. Through engaging lectures and hands-on experiments, they have expanded my understanding of various concepts, from mechanics to thermodynamics, and everything in between. The practical application of theoretical principles has not only made physics more relatable but has also deepened my appreciation for the subject.

Moreover, the fact that these meetings are conducted in English has been a tremendous advantage. As a non-native English speaker, the immersion into an English-speaking environment has significantly enhanced my language skills. The ability to interact with instructors and fellow students in English has not only improved my fluency but has also boosted my confidence in expressing myself effectively. This exposure to English in an academic setting has undoubtedly contributed to my language development, preparing me for future endeavors in an increasingly interconnected world.

One of the most captivating aspects of these physics meetings is the diversity of instructors who hail from different countries. Each instructor brings their unique perspective and accent, making the experience both educational and culturally enriching. I vividly recall a class where we had an instructor from India. Initially, I found it challenging to understand his accent, but as the class progressed, I became accustomed to it. This experience taught me the value of embracing diversity and adapting to different communication styles, ultimately fostering a deeper appreciation for global perspectives.

During my most recent visit to Jagiellonian University, we conducted an experiment called the „Determination of the viscosity coefficient of liquids by the Stokes method.” The experiment involved several steps to measure and calculate the viscosity coefficient accurately. We began by measuring the air temperature and noting the inner diameter of the cylinder. Then, we recorded the top and bottom positions of the column of the test liquid and water in the combined vessel to determine the density of the test liquid. Next, we filled the dropper with distilled water and poured it into the burette. Using a cylinder filled with oil, we carefully dropped a bead of water as close to the axis of the cylinder as possible. The faucet was adjusted to control the interval between the drops. To ensure accurate measurements, we started recording the motion a few centimeters from the liquid’s surface, ensuring uniform movement of the beads.

We measured the initial water level in the burette and recorded the flight time of the water beads over a fixed distance. This step was repeated multiple times to calculate the average falling time. Additionally, we noted the number of falling balls and observed changes in the volume of water in the burette to determine the average radius of the balls.

Throughout the experiment, we remained mindful of uncertainties associated with instrument accuracy, acknowledging the finite precision of our measuring tools. This attention to detail and consideration of potential errors further honed our scientific skills and reinforced the importance of meticulous experimentation.

In conclusion, my experiences at Jagiellonian University have been nothing short of transformative. The knowledge I have gained, the improvement in my English language proficiency, and the exposure to diverse accents and cultures have made these trips truly remarkable. The last experiment was just one example of the practical and engaging activities that have shaped my understanding of physics.

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