Festiwal Języków Obcych – Warsztacik pisania w języku angielskim

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W ramach warsztatów z pisania – prezentujemy w tegorocznej edycji Festiwalu Języków Obcych dwie formy wypowiedzi pisemnej z poziomu rozszerzonego egzaminu maturalnego – artykuł oraz rozprawkę argumentacyjną. Prezentowane prace to zaledwie „reprezentacja” wszystkich, które powstały. Artykuł – z założenia – miał dopatrywać się pozytywnych aspektów sytuacji, w której się znaleźliśmy… Rozprawka – w sposób wyważony – miała przedstawić wady i zalety zdalnego nauczania. Zapraszamy do lektury!


Is Covid –19 not as black as it is painted?
written by Maja 3A

We have to live in terrible times. The increase in the number of ill people and being locked down in our house makes us exhausted. But despite all of this, I believe that we are able to see the positive side of this situation.

First of all, as a student I noticed that by staying only in my house I started to have a lot of free time. I don’t have to waste my time on going back and forth to school. Now, I can afford to have breakfast in peace, to talk to my parents in the morning or to get a few more hours of sleep. Additionally, because of the fact, that the extra time that I gained I started to use for doing homework and studying, I can watch my favorite series or call my friends without any stress.
Secondly, I have noticed that because of the danger people finally started to appropriately take care of their personal hygiene. The risk of infecting oneself or the people we love has led to more frequent washing hands (especially after coming inside from outside), to disinfecting hands in public places or to wearing protective masks. Let’s hope that these habits will stay with people after the pandemic as well.

In conclusion, we are all aware of the seriousness of the destruction the virus has caused. However, at this difficult time for everyone, let us let ourselves be optimistic for a while, let us let in some good energy and in order not to collapse completely let’s look for the advantages!


Coronavirus? Not as bad as it seems!
written by Olga 3A

I think everyone can agree that the situation we have been in for about half a year now is no fun. Rather than fear about getting infected, we should focus on positive aspects of the lockdown and do everything we can not to catch corona.
As a third-grader I have the right to worry about my matura exam, but I do not! This is because now I have a great amount of time to revise all the knowledge I need. The reason for this is that I do not waste time on commuting to school and can devote it to extra run through my notes.

What is more, I can now commit myself to do things I could not do during school time, for example learn how to play the guitar. During the regular school year I do not have enough energy to do anything for myself, especially something as time consuming as learning to play a new instrument. Now my mental health is in so much better condition than it used to be, as a consequence of having more clearance.

In conclusion, every medal has two sides. Coronavirus is a thing we should fear and be wary of. But the fact is that we should also enjoy the benefits of the given situation. Take advantages of the obstacles thrown to you by fate and stay safe!

The Home Class
written by Szczepan 3A

Because of a global pandemic almost all of social contacts are moving to the network, including school activities. Many of students are worried about this situation, mostly because of the quality of learning through the internet. But are those worries right? Do not fear! E-learning can bring a lot more pros than cons.

First of all, online learning can be much faster than lessons in the classroom. The teacher has more possibilities in which he or she can teach more effectively. It is possible to prepare more interesting materials for the lesson or make interactive notes. The possibilities are endless.
Learning this way can also be very convenient, thanks to the place where lessons are being conducted, and it is your room! You do not have to wake up early to catch the bus, just sit in front of your computer and you are ready to start a lesson.

Another advantage, is the possibility to learn even when you are feel bad. Usually when you have a fever or other symptoms of an illness you stay home and miss some important lessons. Now if you are feeling not so well, but well enough to study, you can join the virtual lesson and be sure that you will not infect anyone.

Another beneficial outcome of e-learning is having more free time, because there is no need to commute. On the breaks you can make yourself breakfast or some coffee, also this time can be crucial e.g. when you look after younger siblings or grandparents. Sometimes after a hard lesson it is better to cool down in a comfy room or repeat the material form a previous lesson.

So as it seems, e-learning can be a very convenient and progressive way to learn. Thanks to pandemic it gained a completely new life dimension and for sure will keep getting better and better.



written by Ola 2H

The current world situation has led us to the necessity of online learning. Many students worldwide have access to learning online without leaving their homes. But just like in-person learning, e-learning also has also some advantages and disadvantages.

First of all, online teaching saves time for students. Many people have to travel a long way to school which entails the necessity to wake up earlier. Now, students are more rested which can help them with focus and motivation. Also having more time can help develop their hobbies and after-school lessons.

Furthermore, online learning allows people to learn in their own style and speed. If someone needs more time with a particular topic, they can go through as many times as they need. As you can imagine, this aspect of online learning benefits knowledge retention.

On the other hand, there might be some problems with internet connections. Consider yourself lucky if you are located in the area where the internet connection is fast and stable. Unfortunately, some have very limited access to the internet and they have to use public Wi-Fi.

However, online learning requires self-motivation and proper time management skills. You have to motivate yourself to study hard and take down notes. You should also manage your time well by learning how to juggle studying while doing other things like household chores or working.
In conclusion, online learning should be seen as an extension of classical forms of learning. Not even the best online course can fully replace the personal contact with a teacher, or the human relationships that develop in a group.

written by Flora 2H

Nowadays pandemics caused by covid-19 and problems connected with it generate a lot of heated debates. One of the issues is very popular distant learning and advantages or drawbacks of it. In my opinion it has a bright side, but also causes some damage.
The most important virtue is that thanks to learning from home the number of infected people is a lot smaller. It is beneficial for students’ and teachers’ health as well as for the whole society and can lead to ending the pandemic.
Second of all, students can get some more sleep (especially if they live far from their school), be less stressed at the lessons or eat, drink and use the toilet whenever they want. It makes distant learning more comfortable.

But on the other hand, they do not have the form of contact with their peers which they are used to. Not meeting friends for a long period of time (especially at an age when it is an important part of life) can affect in some ways their social abilities or even mental health. Moreover, this type of learning is of lower quality. Teachers cannot really know if someone is cheating or not and students usually have less motivation to study.

To sum up, it is really difficult to decide if distant learning is a good choice. However, I am more convinced that the health and lives of people are more important than some inconveniences of this type of school.


written by Joasia 3C

Distance learning is something brand new for most of the school societies. It shows a new side of learning. For some students it turned out that it is the best way for them to study. They notice that distance learning is more productive for them. For others it is a total misunderstanding.

To start with, the biggest disadvantage is that students do not have any motivation, they do not want to study, because they know that their knowledge and acquired abilities will not be checked in detail and as a result they do not want to study. Secondly, during distance learning you do not have a real contact with your friends, you can not talk to them and laugh during the breaks as it happens at school. Students point out to the fact that this is the main disadvantage because young people need a face to face contact with their peers.

But there is also the bright side of remote learning. It is believed that this kind of studying is the most comfortable. For example, you do not need to wake up really early. What is more, you can study in your pajamas and do not care about what you look like. Secondly, you save your time and money on transport to school, so you have more time for studying or just sleeping. People also say that it is a great way for those who want to travel a lot, because they can have their lessons in every place provided they have the access to the internet.

All things considered, there are opposite opinions about this topic. It depends on people, their motivation and their aim in life. I am strongly convinced that both ways have a lot of advantages and disadvantages.